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Do better business and stop fighting with Excel, Word and Powerpoint!


Hi, I’m Adrian and aim to save you time and money. Through ‘Excel at the Office’, I hope to help you brush up on basic and intermediate Microsoft Office 365 and other business skills.

I aim to share meaningful templates and quirky content, rather than the usual, bland ‘how to use this tiny bit of PowerPoint / Excel’ videos. For example:

  • Something fishy: Check out my unique ‘Tomorrow’s Fish’ PowerPoint presentation template and explainer video.
  • Manage money: Sort your personal and family finances with my ‘Monthly Budget Manager’ tool and explainer.
  • Brainteasers: In my ‘How Many Triangles?’ video, I share another slide template alongside a puzzle and lesson on critical thinking. Because critical thinking is important to your business!
  • Simple documents: See my ‘Simple Word Document‘ template to cut out the fuss and just have a simple document template to hand.
  • Decide who makes tea: Yes, decide who makes the tea or has won your prize draw with my Excel ‘Random Number Generator’.

I have specialist expertise in using the main MS Excel, Word and PowerPoint apps, plus copywriting and design skills. My extensive career has helped me accumulate a rounded skill set for both small and big business. For example, in project management, web and content design, photography, marketing, and extensive business analysis. By putting all this together for you right here, I hope to share this knowledge to help you excel in your own work, small business, or even manage your family budget.

Get things done cheaper, quicker, and better…

Want to learn new spreadsheet and presentation skills to create better documents and reports? Puzzled by core MS Office products and features? Want to just get things done quicker? Via this site and associated YouTube explainer videos, I hope to save you time and advance your career.

I launched ‘EATO’ in February 2022, with an idea and my urge of supporting the success of others in business. I hope you find it useful as I build up a suite of fantastic content, including ‘how to…’ screencast videos, blogs, and templates.

You can also get in touch to make use of my varied skill set for any bespoke work at reasonable prices. Here are some example projects to prompt ideas:

  • Project reports: Template project Business Case, Highlight Report, Risk Register, Product Description, and other essential project documentation bespoke with your branding.
  • Simple database: Template spreadsheet database to help you manage anything from customer records, sales and transactions, employee information, distribution lists, or other listed data. Including summary reporting with tables and charts.
  • Strategic reports: Allow me to succinctly refine and redesign your business strategy. Including summary infographics, executive summary, copywriting service, and general revamp.
  • Performance frameworks: Utilise my extensive skills in defining appropriate performance metrics for your business to designing appealing performance dashboards in Excel.
  • Beautiful presentations: Want professional-looking presentations to showcase your best products or work? Allow me to proof and customise your design, animations and more in PowerPoint (or Keynote).
  • Just make it work: Tired of fighting with formulas, page breaks, or something else frustrating you on Office 365? Get in touch and I’ll see if I can fix it!

It could save you £THOUSANDS in wasted time, consultancy fees, or expensive (and potentially unnecessary!) software solutions.

Content free, but contributions help…

If you like the free content provided here on ‘Excel at the Office’ and would like to contribute to my work, you can ‘buy me a coffee’. Any donations are gratefully received and will be put to the cost of creating regular content and running this site. For example, software, site fees, and hardware… oh, and of course coffee to keep the inspiration flowing!

Use the button or scan the QR code below. Either will take you to a secure, PayPal-hosted checkout page, You can even leave a note to share with me how you’d like it spent and what problem I should fix next!

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I look forward to working with you and helping you ‘excel at the office’!

Kind Regards, Adrian

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