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Welcome to Excel at the Office! Firstly, you’ll find here a range of free and premium support to help you create professional reports, documents, presentations and spreadsheets. In addition, answers are provided to common questions you might have about MS Office, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, for example:

  • How do I use Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word?
  • What does a good Business Case look like?
  • How can I create stunning PowerPoint presentations and Word documents?
  • How do I create a table, graph, or use conditional formatting in Excel?
  • Why won’t my print margins align properly?!

I often encounter people fighting with MS Office 365 applications, struggling with spreadsheets and presentations, or generally wasting time in their profession. Whether in public sector organisations or private sector businesses, I want to help avert these headaches! Therefore, I put together a bank of simple ‘how to’ support and hassle-free services for you.

Someone who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.

Charles Darwin

Free support includes blog articles, templates, easy tutorials and YouTube videos. All cover how to use Microsoft Office 365 apps like Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. Additionally, there are no logins or signups, just enjoy the growing resource base at your leisure. Looking to buy a laptop or need direction on business reading materials?

I do this around a day job, so if you’d like to support my work, coffee donations welcome to help fund the site. I also offer clients bespoke premium support; Above all, drafting beautiful and accessible reports for you. Finally, contact me to deliver training in your organisation. Examples and a summary of these free and premium services are shown below…

FREE Stuff from Excel at the Office…

Browse content and learn new MS Office and business skills

  • Blogs & ‘how-to’ video tutorials
  • Excel, PowerPoint and Word tips and tutorials
  • Growing library of templates
  • For project, business, budgeting, & other reporting
  • Advice for beginners on the best laptops for your budget
  • Optional ‘Buy a coffee‘ donations are appreciated to keep content flowing

PREMIUM SUPPORT: From just £99

Save time and outsource your next project for professional results…

  • Save hours / days of time – just get in touch with your needs
  • From simple tailored templates to more complex reporting needs
  • Copywriting, redesigning, proofing, guidance, all in one service
  • Excel, Word, PowerPoint
  • Creating bespoke video or infographic summaries of your strategic reports
  • Completely confidential handling of your business information and data
  • Phone support included

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