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I hope you’re enjoying the free content, including how to use Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and other business skills. It’s my labour of love, so I’m not putting content behind paywalls. If you would like to support my work, I greatly appreciate any contributions! Your kind and generous support will get put to good use, in creating more MS Office 365 videos, blogs, templates and other support.

Here’s an idea of what the sums buy: £3 will buy me a pouch of Aldi’s finest ground Italian coffee blend (almost like Lavazza!). £10 pays for 2 weeks of my website and email hosting, so you can email me direct at adrian@excelattheoffice.com for support and questions. £30 sorts all my web costs out for a month. Or you can choose a custom amount; this might allow me for example to upgrade screen recording software, microphone, or my Office 365 subscription. Use the button or QR code below to choose an amount…

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