Sometimes you just want a simple template to get started on MS Word. If so, this easy Word document template might help. You can use it as a template for report writing, formal proposals, and many other document needs. This Word template can help you create professional reports on a range of subjects.

The template includes formatted headings, a table of contents, text paragraphs, bullet point suggestions, structured tables, and a ready-made print layout. You need not reinvent the wheel or spend ages fighting with page breaks in a new document; subsequently, this template will serve your needs for a variety of reports.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just attach it to a new wagon.

Mark McCormack

A Word Template For All Occasions

Simple MS Word template

I hope you find this simple, yet sleek, Word document template useful for your own reporting needs. In addition to expanded print margins to maximise space in your document, you’ll find the following features in this free download:

  • Simple yet adaptable format suitable for most reporting needs
  • Headings and subheadings to help align your content
  • Suggested structure and flow, including an ‘Executive Summary’
  • Preformatted bullet point lists and tables
  • Guidance on good writing styles
  • Table of contents linked to heading styles
  • Pointers on style guides and accessibility basics
  • Footer information and page numbers

If you would like to download the template, here’s the link:

In the following video, I provide explanation and guidance on how I created this document. Moreover, you’ll find insights into the key features of MS Word that will help you create your own templates:

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Kind Regards, Adrian

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