I created this free MS Excel budget template to help you manage your personal and family finances. In fact, it will help you gather your monthly money management in one place. This includes all your income, expenditure and savings, so that you can assess whether everything is in balance.

You can use this Excel budgeting template to consider a ‘typical month’ of income/spend to help you manage your general monthly finances. Alternatively, you can use for specific months to help track your finances over time. You can highlight your top spend areas, budget for any holidays or unexpected costs, decide where you can save money (I like browsing ‘Money Saving Expert‘!), and ultimately whether you are living beyond your means. If your spend and savings are below 100%, that’s a great start!

Wealth is not about how much money you have, but how little you need.

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Manage your Monthly Budget

I made this template in MS Excel on my Office 365 account for Mac, but it is equally-compatible with Excel for Windows.

Key features included in this personal and family budget template are as follows:

  • Dashboard comparing your monthly income vs. outgoings
  • Attractive, accessible design, using pie chart, bar graph and tables
  • Multiple categories to capture various spend types
  • Formatting to help you quickly see top spend areas
  • Themed spend categories to help you get organised
  • Spare categories to help you personalise to your own situation
  • Applicable to specific or ‘typical months’
  • Can be used for other time periods if you prefer
  • Ready to print on one neat page, as previewed in header image
  • Includes introduction sheet with key pointers and purpose of this workbook

Click the image below to download a copy if you want to try it out.

Template Excel budget and spend

If you would like to download the template, here’s the spreadsheet link:

Video Explainer for this MS Excel Template

In the following video, I provide explanation and guidance on how I created this Excel template, with insights into some key features of MS Excel along the way (e.g. concatenate function, conditional formats, sum function):

I hope you find this free Excel budget template useful to managing your finances; let me know how you get on and, importantly, if it actually helped you save money!

Key Links for Managing Finances

Finally, I share below some further simple resources on the most common questions to do with family budgeting, given that I’ve previously found them useful. For example, money-saving tips, mortgage calculators, and tax calculators. I hope you also find the links helpful to get on top of your family finances:

  • Money Saving Expert: General savings, money tips, comparisons, and all-round advice on bills.
  • Salary & Tax Calculator: As it says on the tin, a handy tool to help anticipate your next tax bill and understand your income.
  • Mortgage Calculator: Assess how affordable a mortgage might be and repayment term.
  • Comparison Sites: There are various comparison sites out there to help save you money on loans, insurance, and almost any other spending. I’ve found USwitch helpful as a good all-rounder for various bills, but there’s many others too (GoCompare, ComparetheMarket, MSE, Confused.com, Money Supermarket to name a few).
  • Child Maintenance Calculator: Work out how much child maintenance you should be paying / receiving if separated.
  • Benefits & Universal Credit Calculator: Information about various benefits and Universal Credit individuals and families may be entitled to, depending on your circumstances.
  • Savings & Interest Calculator: Figure out how much interest you will earn and the value of your investment for future years when saving money.

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