Want to learn where tomorrow’s fish are? Or more importantly, want a nice free demo of key PowerPoint features and a simple yet sleek slidedeck PowerPoint template to boot? Then consider this blog your ‘catch of the day’!

Forgive me my nonsense, as I also forgive the nonsense of those that think they talk sense.

Robert Frost

Tomorrow’s Fish are Still in the Sea

Rockfish slogan tomorrow's fish in the sea
(Rockfish slogan)

After recently visiting a restaurant in Exmouth, Devon, I was inspired to produce this template and absurd presentation demo below. I hope you find it useful, and possibly amusing! The restaurant in question is called ‘Rockfish‘, and they have what I thought to be the biggest time-and-space-bending slogan since ‘Schrodinger’s Cat’:

“Tomorrow’s fish are still in the sea.”

The more I thought about the apparently simple phrase about freshness, the more it amused me, as I explain in the first 6 minutes of the video. Yes, I’m sad enough to create an entire presentation on the matter! Even if you don’t like the preposterous subject of the presentation, you might find the explanations from around minute six of the video helpful, where I provide some how-to PowerPoint tips on creating your own sleek and simple templates. For example:

  • How to insert and format shapes in PowerPoint
  • How to create transitions between your slides
  • How to use subtle yet professional animations for your content
  • How to format the slide background design, including using a gradient colour scheme
  • How to group shapes together to save time
  • Tips on ‘the rule of threes’, accessibility, and how much text to display on a slide

Their tag line is something I clearly thought way too much about! In this video, I first demo the template I created, by sharing my preposterous ponderings about the Rockfish tagline and by giving an informal review (including a terrible pun) as a presentation. I then run through how I created the presentation covering key features used, such as the slide transitions, animations, shapes, slide background design and formatting.

Time and space are modes by which we think, not conditions in which we live.

Albert Einstein

Tomorrow’s Fish PowerPoint Template Preview and Download

Below are thumbnails of key slides from this presentation. Like what you see and want to adapt for your own needs? Then feel free to click the image or file download button below; you can then use this clean and simple themed PowerPoint template slidedeck in your own work…

Tomorrows fish PowerPoint template

So if you happen to be around the South coast of Devon and Dorset, I’d happily recommend the Rockfish. It’s a nice meal out at a reasonable price for the quality and wide-ranging menu. And while waiting for your food to arrive, I invite you to ponder the potential ramifications of the slogan on their menu…

“Tomorrow’s fish are still in the sea!’

I hope you’ve enjoyed this presentation and found the how-to video and PowerPoint template slidedeck helpful. Please like and share with others who might find it useful. Like what I do? If you’re so inclined, you can support my work to help keep free content flowing. Want me to create fantastic, time-saving templates just for you and your business? Please get in touch to arrange a bespoke quote. Finally, feel free to leave your feedback below and/or comment about other things you’d like tutorials and templates for.

Kind Regards, Adrian

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