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Office Toys and Creativity

Here are some recommended office toys, mindful ‘thinking fidgets’, and creative materials that will help you be mindful and more productive. Whether working from home or at the office, these can help you pass the time more productively. They can also make great gifts! I only include stuff I think is actually worth getting, have bought myself (or is on my wish list), and have actually researched for my own peace of mind what I think is the best value deal.

Prices shown are at time of writing. Please note that Amazon provide a small slice (circa 1%) of the transaction to me for referring via the product links provided, which will go towards fund this website and free content. Thanks for taking a look!

This ‘popular science’ giant slinky is the best I’ve come across. At £12, it’s proper metal, nearly twice as long as traditional ones, and importantly, goes down the stairs. A great ‘thinking fidget’. Caution: Careful not to tangle, it’s a nightmare if you do!

What desk or office would be complete without a Newton’s Cradle? This one is pretty sleek for the price (£18), though if you get a slightly bigger one the self-perpetuating mechanism will last longer. Click, click, click, click…

Take a break, unwind, and send chills down your spine with this metal head massager. I bought this one for £10, it’s sturdy, nicely packaged and does as head massagers do. Never felt before? It’s weird, but in a nice way…

Be more productive with this simple timer for £7. Instead of working slowly for hours on end, the idea is you do 45-minute blocks with 15 minute break each hour. Try it for yourself to see how much more you get done!

Organise your thoughts on this quality sketchpad. I’ve bought this before and the paper thickness is lovely to work with for designing and crafting ideas. £7.99 with Prime delivery.

High quality coloured markers (£10) will revolutionise your note-taking, idea formulation, brainstorming, and design. It’s just so much nicer than the usual notepad and biro! They’re brush-tipped and lovely to write and draw with.

I simply find world maps inspiring and thought-provoking. This XXL world map poster is something I’ve got on my wish list and comes complete with a handy reference to all the world flags. It’s £25 but seems good value for oversized quality office poster.

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